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The driving force behind Jacob & Co. is creativity. The breadth of Jacob & Co.’s offering showcases the brand’s insatiable need to produce amazing pieces that the world has never seen before.

Founded by Jacob Arabo in 1986, Jacob & Co. creates exquisite jewellery and revolutionary timepieces that have captivated celebrities and notables from the watchmaking world and dazzled on fashion’s red carpets and cover shoots. “I have to create,” says Mr. Arabo. “My dream has always been to invent things that were not done before. For the brand, it’s about making the impossible a reality.” Jacob & Co.’s mission is to create beautiful, dynamic and unique pieces of watchmaking and jewellery art. With a unique talent for creating designs that are as innovative as they are spectacular, the company has grown into one of the most recognised luxury brands in timepieces and jewellery. At the heart of the company is passion, drive and the creative force of Mr. Arabo. With a respect for traditional craftsmanship and artistry and an ability to envision and realise exquisite jewellery and unique timepieces, he makes a truly extraordinary reality through the alchemy of edge and elegance. “I want to be remembered as a trailblazer,” Mr. Arabo shares. “I am not a technician or an engineer, but I am not afraid to invest and develop. I am fearless when it comes to making my vision a reality.”


Luxury watches are no longer just about telling the time. A case in point, acclaimed timepiece and diamond jewellery house Jacob & Co.’s newest release, the Astronomia Casino, which features a fully-operational miniature roulette wheel beneath the sapphire crystal domed case of the watch. Its wheel, rendered in an array of green, red and black enamel on an 18K rose gold base, is set in motion by a button at the 7 o’clock position. This exceptional timepiece, the latest in Jacob & Co.’s signature Astronomia collection of celestial-themed timepieces, can be personalised with a mother-of-pearl insert placed by Jacob & Co. craftsmen on the owner’s lucky number. An aventurine circle on the watch base reminds the wearer of the Astronomia collection’s celestial origins. Never before has there been a highcomplication timepiece with a spinning roulette wheel, allowing owners to play their favorite game of chance at any time. Though it is simple to use and enjoy, the technical solutions required to make it work seamlessly took more than a year to develop.

MOVEMENT: CALIBER: Manufacture Jacob & Co.,
manual winding JCAM36.
DIAMETER: 41.4 mm; HEIGHT: 20.5 mm.
SYSTEM: Manual movement, double axis tourbillon.
FINISHING: Plate and bridges: Hand angled and polished,
flank draw, circular graining, polished sink; polished screws.
POWER RESERVE: 60 hours.
FREQUENCY: 21,600 Vib/h (3 Hz).
revolution in 60 sec; 2nd axis: Full revolution in 10 min.
MOVEMENT: Full revolution in 10 min around a central axis.
• 1 carat, exclusive Jacob Cut® diamond: 288 facets, rotating
on itself in 30 sec.
• Magnesium lacquered blue globe, rotating on itself in 30 sec.
• “Roulette” animation on demand (pusher at 8 o’clock).
CASE: DIAMETER: 47 mm; HEIGHT: 24 mm.
MATERIAL: 18K rose gold; Sapphire apertures on sides.


With the Brilliant Mystery Baguette collection, Jacob & Co. captures the magic and plays with transparency. This true work of art is an epitome of femininity and beauty. The dazzling timepiece is the perfect expression of the brand’s jewellery expertise. Delicately crafted, the fully set case and dial conceal the mechanism – hence the mystery. The Brilliant Mystery Baguette features a round-shape case – a typical characteristic of the Brilliant Ladies Collection – with a breathtaking diamond baguette invisible setting. The exclusive collection unites hundreds of exceptional gems with a dial that mystifies and delights. It revolutionises the more than 200-year-old tradition of mystery dials; a concept first invented by a watchmaker who was also a magician and illusionist. The sparkling case of the Brilliant Mystery Baguette has been invisibly set with 172 Baguette Diamonds, and its bezel with 40 Baguette Diamonds. The centre of the dial is invisibly set with 51 Baguette Rubies. Seemingly suspended in space, the time is exquisitely unveiled by black triangle hands. The hours and minutes are counted off a mysterious dial, a subtle feature that maximises the brilliance and scintillation of the diamonds. The Brilliant Mystery Baguette dial houses a Swiss quartz movement and the time can be set with a corrector located on the case back. This exquisite timepiece is fitted with a satin bracelet and a baguette white-diamonds-set buckle. This refined timepiece will captivate you at first sight. Resolutely feminine, the Brilliant Mystery Baguette is an elegant and beautiful evening watch that will ravish jewellery and horology lovers. The watch is limited to only eighteen pieces.

MOVEMENT: Swiss quartz ETA caliber
E01.701; Diameter: 47⁄8 i.e., 11 mm; 5 jewels.
FUNCTIONS: Hours and minutes.
CASE: 38 mm; Thickness: 10.15 mm; Polished
18K white gold set with 172 baguette white
diamonds 16.90ct;
Bezel set with 40 baguette white
diamonds 1.45ct; Case back: Time setting
by a corrector; Crystal: Sapphire with
antireflective treatment.
DIAL AND HANDS: Dial: Centre set with
51 baguette rubies 2.45ct; Hands: Hours
and minutes indicated by two floating black
STRAP & CLASP: Satin strap, 18K white
gold tang buckle set with 28 baguette white
diamonds 0.90ct.
TOTAL CARAT WEIGHT: 240 baguette white
diamonds 19.25ct and 51 baguette rubies
REMARKS: Water resistant to 30 metres;
2-year warranty.


Ever since the first automobiles competed for the fastest times, watches and cars have been inexorably linked. Car aficionados love watches, revelling in the mechanical precision, beauty and performance of both. In 2019, Bugatti and Jacob & Co. signed a multi-year partnership to create unique, never-seen-before timepieces. These watches are true to the spirit of both companies, while taking watchmaking to impossible heights. To inaugurate this partnership led by performance, two timepieces were created. These watches, based on the Twin Turbo Furious and the Epic X Chrono, were directly inspired by the unique design and spirit of Bugatti hypercars. This year, Jacob & Co. and Bugatti are introducing new watches in the Twin Turbo Furious collection, and a completely new line – the Bugatti Chiron.

It started with an idea conceived by Jacob & Co. together with Bugatti – how to reproduce the visceral sensation of the iconic Bugatti 16-cylinder engine in a timepiece. After almost a full year of development, the answer is here in the form of the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon. Everything is designed to honour the Chiron in a timepiece. The case is inspired by the flowing lines of the Chiron and the movement, or “engine block”, intended to duplicate the Bugatti engine, which is placed under a massive sapphire crystal, on display for all to see. Here’s where it gets interesting: push the right-hand crown of the timepiece and the engine comes to life – the crankshaft turns and the pistons pump up and down, just like a true internal combustion engine. Two “turbochargers” (down from four in the actual Chiron engine) on the side of the engine block spin while the engine runs, adding to the visual impact. Incredible to see and unbelievably complicated to realise (the movement comprises 578 components), the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon timepiece has achieved something no one has ever even attempted before – to seamlessly marry engines and watches. The ground-breaking Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon comes in a number of variations, including bespoke versions.



Jacob & Co. has revealed its new Gotham City luxury watch, the first offering in a previously announced multi-year partnership with Warner Bros. A 45.5 mm watch filled with details and high-quality materials worthy of Bruce Wayne, the Gotham City timepiece is available now in extremely limited quantities – only 72 pieces exist. Jacob & Co. created a series of 36 pieces in black DLC titanium (inspired by Batman) and another 36 in 18K rose gold (inspired by Batman’s secret identity, Bruce Wayne), retail of which begins at $220,000. Fitted with a hyper-complicated movement with twin, flying, sequential, high-speed, triple-axis tourbillons, the Gotham City is a tribute to Batman’s crime fighting tech and the glamorous lifestyle of Bruce Wayne. The back of the watch is twofold, depending on which version one considers. The black DLC model is covered with a signature drawing. On the rose gold version, the case back is made of traditional transparent sapphire and therefore opens a new perspective on the Gotham City’s mechanical nature and advanced design.

By design, the Gotham City is both a watch and a metaphor. Inspired by the latest iterations of DC’s Batman franchise, the Gotham City is dark, angular, pointy, edgy and muscular. The case is made of black DLC titanium. DLC is a technology that covers the metal with an array of carbon atoms mimicking that of the perfect cubic crystal structure that provides the diamond with extreme resistance to wear. As a result, the 45.5 mm case is immune to scratching and is as light as the Batwing. The calibre comprises 382 components, the most striking of which may be that bat-bridge, but the most complex being the tourbillons. Each one of them rotates along three different axes. Each axis drives a separate cage. The first outermost axis makes a full turn in 24 seconds, the second in 48 seconds and the third – closest to the 3 Hz balance wheel – in 180 seconds. With powerful twin barrels, calibre JCFM10 is able to achieve a 48-hour power reserve. The energy left in the tank is shown on a power reserve indicator, located at 6 o’clock, between the tourbillons.


Long seen as a beacon of hope at the end of a storm, rainbows have prevailed throughout history as the universal symbol for optimism. Look to the future and see a rainbow with Jacob & Co.’s latest take on the Astronomia Fleurs de Jardin now in Rainbow. Designed to recreate a garden on your wrist, this breathtaking timepiece features the colours of the rainbow and draws its power from a delicate butterfly tourbillon movement. The tourbillon, time display and upper level multicoloured sapphire flowers all travel clockwise around the dial, while the mother-of-pearl base set with rainbow sapphire flowers moves counterclockwise. The 18K rose gold case features a bezel and inner ring set with rainbow sapphires, and atop the movement there is an incredible 288-facet Jacob Cut grass-green tsavorite. Introduced in 2019, the Fleurs de Jardin transformed the way people viewed feminine horology. Incorporating the techniques learned with the Astronomia and the Astronomia Solar, Jacob & Co. created its first true high complication specifically designed for women. In 2019, the Fleurs de Jardin was officially preselected from hundreds of women’s timepieces for inclusion in the Ladies Complication category of the GPHG: the “Oscars” of watchmaking. This selection underscores the Fleurs de Jardin’s importance in horology. The major challenge that arises when crafting a rainbow watch is sourcing gemstones of the right colour. With exceptional craftsmanship at the forefront, the team of designers at Jacob & Co. are masters in sourcing and selecting stones. The 42.5 mm 18K rose gold bezel of the Rainbow is set with 40 rainbow sapphires, while the inner ring features 48 rainbow sapphires. On top of the movement there is a beautiful green, 288-facet Jacob Cut tsavorite, while the frame carrying 11 flowers with kite-shaped multicoloured sapphires rotates clockwise around the dial once every 10 minutes. The flying tourbillon and the time display also rotate clockwise in 10 minutes. The mother-of-pearl base set with rainbow sapphire flowers rotates counterclockwise in 10 minutes. There are tales of hidden treasure at the end of rainbow, but with this new watch of incredible beauty, Fleurs de Jardin from Jacob & Co., there is no need to look further than your wrist.

Legendary movement
Hidden below the delicate beauty lies the legendary timepiece workmanship which Jacob & Co. is famous for, including the vertical Astronomia double-axis flying tourbillon movement, which makes a full clockwise revolution in ten minutes around the central axis. The patented Differential Gears System allows the time display to maintain the 12/6 o’clock position regardless of where its rotation place is.


Chronographs are very popular because they offer a very accessible complication whose standard layout is very attractive. The Epic X Chrono is purpose-built, so it has a technical, sporty style with the chronograph pushers on the side of the case, the balanced bi-compax dial, and the view into the movement through the mineral crystal dial. The Swiss Made automatic column-wheel chronograph movement is considered to be the top of the line, as it is sophisticated and highly reliable. Controlled by two pushers (start/stop and reset), the seconds are counted by the central chronograph hand and the minutes are clocked by the right-hand subdial.
Every Epic X is a statement piece: a bold combination of traditional and high-tech materials, exclusive and highly refined calibers and a truly Epic aesthetic that is immediately recognisable and yet remarkably versatile. The 47 mm carbon fibre case of the Epic X Chrono has a bold design, creating an X shape with the prominent lugs and then running through the case and the architectural structures within the movement. The case features an antireflective sapphire crystal, a forged carbon bezel and ceramic pushers, a screwdown crown and an inner rotating bezel, controlled by the push-down crown at 10 o’clock. Water resistant to 200 metres, the Epic X Chrono is a true sports watch that makes a strong statement and is designed to take anything and everything you can throw at it. The Epic X Chrono has a bi-compax layout, with the right subdial for the chronograph minutes and the left subdial for the running seconds. Skeletonized hands with Super-LumiNova luminescent tips indicate the time in tandem with a rotating inner timing bezel on the Epic X Chrono, adjusted via the crown at the 10 o’clock position. Fascinating engineering solutions and true dedication to the highest standards of functionality and wearing comfort are reflected in these smallest of details.







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