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Firetree introduces The Innovations Collection, a dairy-free chocolate alternative with five exotic varietals added to their plant-based range of volcanic chocolate including a gluten-free oat milk bar
Whether your taking part in Veganuary or looking for more of a healthier option, Firetree’s limited-edition Innovations Collection is the perfect, plant-based solution. To kick-start a healthier New Year, Firetree, the UK’s super-premium chocolate brand has developed their Innovations Collection. It is an extension to Firetree’s supremely smooth, core range of great tasting rich volcanic chocolate and will see five new varietals to choose from, including a melt-in-the-mouth gluten-free oat milk bar. What better way to stick to your healthier New Year’s resolutions than rewarding yourself with a variety of guilt-free plant-based chocolate this Veganuary.
Firetree’s latest eco-concerned release showcases their master chocolate maker’s most recent discoveries of ethically sourced, rare cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands. Each chocolate bar is high in cocoa content, ranging from 72% to 100% – offering unique levels of antioxidants for a positive health impact. The brand is disrupting the current vegan chocolate category by tapping into the demand for a healthier, more natural and sustainable alternative to those currently on the market.
Redefining The Super-Premium Vegan Chocolate Market & Owning Taste
Within the entirely vegan-friendly collection, the chocolate makers have launched a plant-based milk chocolate alternative made from gluten-free oats, providing the smooth, buttery richness of toasted oats with Solomon Island single estate dark chocolate to satisfy those chocolate cravings. Alongside Firetree’s mouth-watering ‘Oat’ milk bar, the second varietal available is ‘Hispaniola, Dominican Republic’ with 72 per cent cocoa and with spicy red fruit notes and a hint of green banana that gives an intense chocolate and brown fruit flavour for those times when you need your chocolate fix. If you prefer more texture, the ‘Indonesia, Seram Island’ chocolate bar has a deliciously creamy blend of 72 per cent cocoa, treacle, floral notes and tastes of toasted walnuts. The collections’ rarest bar, ‘Vanuatu, Malekula Island’ is crafted from the rarest cocoa beans found on Malekula Island, Vanuatu. The intense richness of 100 per cent cocoa and red fruits has a peated nose and an unexpected finish, designed to be treated like a fine wine. The ‘Vanuatu, Malekula Island 72 per cent with Cocoa Nibs’ is the only varietal with inclusions and delivers an enchanting combination of roasted cocoa nibs laying on a bed of rich Vanuatu dark chocolate with hints of white grape, cherry and lemon aromas, allowing the different textures to add a really interesting dimension.
In addition to Innovations, Firetree’s core collection comprises of seven bars, including a one hundred per cent Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal cocoa bar. Each chocolate bar offers a smooth complexity of rich and velvety flavours, coming from a single high-quality farm. Firetree also offers Create with Firetree cooking packs which come in three varieties, designed for chefs, pâtissiers, chocolatiers and home cooks who want to bring the best ingredients and single estate chocolate into their kitchens. For chocolate connoisseurs, Firetree’s entire collection is akin to tasting fine wines, single malt whiskies, champagnes, Cognacs, and premium artisan coffees.

A Team with 85 Years of Experience
With a combined 85 years of chocolate industry knowledge between them, the co-founders of Firetree chocolate were first drawn to one another due to their shared interest in producing world-class tasting chocolate. It was their dream to create an ultra-premium chocolate product using superior cocoa beans, so they set their sights on the small island estates of the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ and Madagascar. These remote, volcanic islands are home to the cacao tree or “firetree,” where mineral rich volcanic soil produces the highest calibre beans. This exceptional volcanic terroir produces unique rich taste notes that develop in the mouth, giving an amazing taste journey.
From the outset, Firetree were fully committed to putting the best practices in place for their farmers, and ensure they are paid an ethical premium – significantly more than the mass market rate – appropriate to the quality of beans. Firetree farmers expertly select these rare cocoa beans, which are then masterfully roasted in their shells to capture the natural flavours, which are then teased out through slow and careful conching by skilled chocolate makers in their factory in Peterborough to enhance and develop different taste profiles.
Founder and Managing Director, David Zulman said: “We are delighted to reveal the five new chocolate bars in our new limited-edition of Innovations by Firetree. Each chocolate bar has the same high-quality volcanic chocolate that you’d expect of Firetree and has been designed to showcase new and exotic chocolate experiences.’
Each variant of Firetree’s Innovation Range is available in the 65g bar gift set and can be found online and various retail stores. Order the Innovations Collection here.


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