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Restores the work of the gastrointestinal tract and its microbiome. Source of natural vitamin K2.
What is Daigo
Daigo is a modern metabiotic with the clinically proven results, reflecting the global trend about the role of the microbiome.
Original dietary supplement, new active ingredient
100% organic product
Unique strain stabilization and fermentation technology
Innovative, eco-friendly, safe
A wide range of indications
Highly effective even for a short course of intake
Lack of competitors
Active substances – the substrate of metabolism of 16 strains of L-bacteria, are natural to humans and their beneficial microflora
The product distributed by the company has a 100-year-old history since the discover of the “Longevity Theory” by the Russian microbiologist and Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine (1908), I.I. Mechnikov, which was picked up by Japanese doctors and scientists who has continued their studies and research for more than a century. Kakutaro Masagaki founded the manufacturer’s company in 1914.This is an organic product which is produced in a protected area near Mount Fuji. The production cycle is 2 years. The surroundings of Mount Fuji are a national nature reserve, and therefore ideal ecological conditions are provided for the production of an environmentally friendly product.

What Metabiotic is
Food for beneficial bacteria is dietary fiber, which can either harm or
not help at all with gastrointestinal problems, because:
If the intestines are inhabited by pathogenic bacteria, then the prebiotic will be an excellent “top dressing” for them for further reproduction
Food does not have time to have a direct effect on harmful bacteria and does not stimulate the immune system
Food for bacteria can be obtained from healthy and fresh food
Live bacteria that are artificially populated into the intestine are not able to restore the population of beneficial bacteria. There are 2 reasons for this:
More than 80% cleavage in the acidic environment of the stomach, without having time to get into the intestine
The remaining 20% are perceived by the body as “foreign” and are excreted within 14 days
It is a symbiosis of probiotics and prebiotics, and a dietary biologically active supplements, which are perceived by the human own flora as an invasion of foreign microorganisms
Lactobacillus extract is a natural environment for the growth of the number of its own lactobacillus and the suppression of pathogenic bacteria.
Due to this impact:
Activating the growth of beneficial bacteria
Neutral bacteria switch to the side of beneficial bacteria
Stimulating the immune system

Why Daigo is unique
Daigo eliminates all the disadvantages of probiotics and prebiotics. It is well stored and does not break down under the influence of gastric juice and bile, starting to work from the first sips.
Daigo composition:
Lysates of 16 strains of lactobacteria
Whey, lactobacilli cell wall hydrolysate and pieces of their DNA
Short-chain peptides
Free amino acids: histidine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, theonin, phenylalanine
Vitamins B, C, PP, folic acid
Trace Elements: Potassium, Silicon, Magnesium, Phosphorus
The product is available in liquid form, packaged in sachets of 5 ml.
There are 30 sachets in the package.
Dosage: 3-5 sachets per day.
The course is 3 months (9 boxes of Daigo).
Directions: take in the morning daily, on an empty stomach, diluted in a glass of pure water.
Liquid lysates are optimal for use, as they are not afraid of heat treatment and temperature changes, without requiring special storage conditions, they have no side effects and a high safety profile.
The first year of Daigo production
Soybeans grown on our farm near Mount Fuji are soaked in purified water.
Primary fermentation takes place in the tanks – 16 types of lactobacillus are divided into 4 types, 4 groups each, and placed in soy milk for fermentation.
Under the press, soy milk is separated from the pulp of bears (okara).
Soy milk is heated to remove bacteria and then poured into tanks.
After the completion of the primary fermentation, 4 groups of lactobacillus are combined and left for re-fermentation.
The second year of Daigo production
Upon completion of the two stages of fermentation, the liquid full of lactobacillus and their
secretion products will be aged for a year.
A year later, 2 main components are extracted from the resulting substance:
production of lactobacillus
cell material of lactobacillus
Wide range of properties
Anti-inflammatory (Daigo can be used as an antibiotic when intoxicated, it can be combined)
Anti-allergic activation of macrophages and reduction of the effect of leaky intestines, which in turn leads to improving skin quality and therapeutic effect in eczema and neurodermatitis
Antioxidant effect on intestinal walls, i.e. colonocytes and enterocytes, stabilization of telomere length and cancer prevention
Membrane stabilizing effect, normalization of flora by reducing the number of putrefactive bacteria
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