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In the heart of London, where the pulse of modernity beats strongest, lies the prestigious Regenerative & Biohacking Clinic, Geneviv London. The Clinic was founded by Viviana Botoaca, lawyer with 14 years experience in Healthcare, Ethics, Diplomacy and Artificial Intelligence and grand finalist for UK Business Woman of the Year 2024. The clinic was able to lead the aesthetic field, from inception, with uniqueness and outstanding quality and ethics, values that had been taught to the Founder, coming from generations of doctors and surgeons in her family.
Geneviv London, a unique Doctors Led Clinic, the epitome of refined elegance and cutting-edge medical innovation, is also contributing to a better environment, being the First Clinic to introduce the World’s First Sustainable FacialTM.
From the moment one sets foot into the Geneviv Clinic, a palpable sense of luxury and sophistication envelops the senses, akin to stepping onto the red carpet of a glamorous affair. The ambiance is meticulously curated to evoke a harmonious blend of tranquillity and opulence, offering a respite from the frenetic pace of urban life.
Boasting an impressive array of Cutting-Edge Devices, Treatments and Training Academy, the clinic stands at the forefront of the industry, Geneviv’s approach that redefines the boundaries of healthcare excellence. With a Unique approach, consisting of combined treatments and devices, focused on Regenerative & Functional Medicine, Biohacking outstanding services and patient care, as well as pioneering advancements, such as NO Pain/NO Downtime and NO Side Effects devices for dermal filler injections, fat loss, PRP, polynucleotides and exosomes treatments, Geneviv London Clinic is able to take care of each individual’s unique needs from Hair Loss, Skin Concerns, Body Shaping and Fat Loss, as well as overall health.

GENEVIV’S GENETIC TESTING – treatments based on Patient’s Unique DNA

At Geneviv Clinic, the incorporation of genetic testing for skin, hair, nutrition, fillers and sports into the treatment process represents a pioneering approach towards personalised healthcare. Combined with skin and hair analysis, by delving into a patient’s genetic makeup with a simple painless swab, Geneviv Clinic can unveil valuable insights that inform treatment decisions, such as which specific products and ingredients are suitable and shall generate results for you hair or skin, as well as in which percentages, food intolerances, or aliments you should completely avoid and which ones will aid your gut health and weight balance, genetic predispositions, intolerance to fillers and many other indicators.
This tailored approach ensures that each patient receives a bespoke experience, where their unique genetic predispositions and susceptibilities are considered in crafting an optimal treatment plan.
Furthermore, integrating genetic testing into the treatment process fosters a deeper understanding of the patient’s health on a molecular level. It enables clinicians to anticipate potential health risks and proactively address them, paving the way for proactive and preventive healthcare measures.


With a consistent consideration for the environment, Geneviv Clinic is the First Clinic in the World to introduce the World’s First Sustainable FacialTM , deemed the most advanced Dermal Facial in the World, each treatment helps remove 9 plastic bottles from the Ocean, as such “Cleaning the Ocean, one face at a time”.
Imagine a groundbreaking fusion of innovation and sustainability in the realm of skincare, Geneviv Clinic is the only place where you can find a marvel of technological ingenuity that seamlessly integrates five cutting-edge technologies (cleaning, microdermabrasion, micro-current, radiofrequency and ultrasound waves) to unveil the epitome of radiant, youthful skin, whether treating the face, neck, decollete or hands.

The journey begins with a transformative cleansing and purifying ritual, harnessing the power of the most advanced technologies to gently remove impurities and unveil the skin’s natural luminosity. Through a harmonious combination of cleansing modalities, including microdermabrasion, the facial delicately eliminates dead skin cells, unveiling a radiant canvas primed for rejuvenation.
But the innovation doesn’t stop there. As the facial progresses, microcurrent technology delicately stimulates facial muscles, restoring tone and vitality with unparalleled precision. Simultaneously, radiofrequency waves work synergistically to sculpt and contour, enhancing collagen production and unveiling a youthful, lifted appearance that defies the passage of time.
Yet, the true magic lies in the transformative potential of ultrasound waves, which penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface to deliver nutritive substances with unparalleled efficacy.
In a world where innovation and sustainability converge, the World’s First Sustainable FacialTM stands at Geneviv Clinic as a testament to the transformative power of technology when harnessed in service of beauty, wellness, and the greater good.
GENEVIV’S EMERALDTM LASER and The Ballancer® Pro – The only FDA approved painless laser for Full Body Fat Loss – Winner at Aesthetic Awards for Best Aesthetic Technology

The Emerald Laser distinguishes itself as a groundbreaking FDA-cleared medical device meticulously crafted for targeted fat loss of up to 6 inches, setting a new standard in non-invasive body contouring. What makes the Emerald Laser truly exceptional is its inclusive design, catering to patients with a BMI of up to 40, a remarkable feature that broadens accessibility to individuals seeking effective fat reduction solutions.
Unlike traditional methods, the Emerald Laser offers a transformative experience devoid of downtime, discomfort, or adverse side effects. Its cutting-edge technology harnesses the power of low-level laser therapy to stimulate the emulsification of fat cells, facilitating their natural elimination from the body’s metabolic processes. This gentle yet potent approach ensures a seamless integration into patients’ lifestyles, allowing them to resume their daily activities immediately following treatment sessions.

By offering a non-invasive alternative to invasive procedures, the Emerald Laser empowers individuals to embark on their journey towards a slimmer, more sculpted physique with confidence and peace of mind.

Moreover, the Emerald Laser’s ability to accommodate patients with higher BMIs underscores its commitment to inclusivity and patient-centered care. By addressing the diverse needs of individuals across a wide spectrum of body types, the Emerald Laser embodies a progressive approach to body contouring that prioritizes efficacy, safety, and patient satisfaction above all else.
Each session of Emerald, whereby the fat is emulsified, is followed by the Ballancer®Pro lymphatic drainage, giving the patients the opportunity to eliminate the fat along with the toxins in the body in a natural and healthy way. “The Ballancer®Pro is the safest and most state-of-the-art compression therapy system in the world. FDA-cleared and backed by decades of medical studies, this technology is based on the proven principles of manual lymphatic massage.
“Light years” ahead of other systems and has therefore been coined “The Rolls-Royce of Lymphatic Massage”.

GENEVIV’S TARGET COOL & SKIN/ HAIR EXOSOMES TREATMENTS – Latest Innovation in Aesthetics – Finalist at Aesthetic Awards for BEST NEW PRODUCT
The Target Cool device chosen by Geneviv Clinic emerges as a revolutionary solution aimed at alleviating pain and patient anxiety during dermatological and aesthetic treatments, including injection-related procedures.

Its innovative design integrates cutting-edge cooling technology to create a comfortable and soothing experience for patients undergoing various skin treatments. By harnessing the power of advanced cooling mechanisms, the device effectively numbs the treatment area, minimizing sensations of pain and discomfort commonly associated with dermatologic procedures. Beyond its functional benefits, the Target Cool device plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall patient experience at Geneviv Clinic. By mitigating pain and anxiety, it fosters a sense of relaxation and tranquillity during procedures, promoting greater patient satisfaction and compliance.
What sets the Target Cool device apart is its unprecedented method of delivering substances into the layers of the skin, extending from the head and face to any other body parts, without causing discomfort or downtime. Furthermore, the Target Cool device’s ability to deliver substances into the skin layers with precision and efficacy represents a paradigm shift in aesthetic medicine.
At Geneviv Clinic, the utilisation of exosomes for skin and hair treatments signifies a cutting-edge approach to regenerative medicine. Exosomes, small extracellular vesicles derived from stem cells, contain a rich payload of growth factors, cytokines, and signalling molecules that have profound regenerative and healing properties.
In the context of skin and hair treatments, exosomes hold immense promise for healing, rejuvenation and revitalization, as they have proven to be outstandingly efficient, including for Acne, Acne Scars, Melasma, Rosacea or other skin conditions or issues. When applied in Geneviv’s unique painless manner, exosomes have been shown to stimulate collagen production, promote tissue repair, and enhance cellular regeneration. This results in improvements in skin texture, tone, and elasticity, as well as the promotion of hair growth and thickness.
At Geneviv Clinic, the integration of exosome therapy into skincare and hair restoration protocols reflects a commitment to harnessing the latest advancements in regenerative medicine to achieve optimal aesthetic outcomes.
By leveraging the regenerative potential of exosomes, the clinic offers patients innovative solutions to address a wide range of concerns, including aging skin, hair loss, and thinning hair.

Furthermore, exosome therapy is prized for its safety profile and natural mode of action, making it a preferred option for individuals seeking non-invasive and minimally disruptive treatments. Unlike traditional interventions, exosome therapy avoids the use of harsh chemicals or synthetic compounds, minimising the risk of adverse reactions and maximising patient comfort.
Overall, the incorporation of exosomes for skin and hair treatments at Geneviv Clinic represents a forward-thinking approach to aesthetic medicine, where the principles of regenerative science are leveraged to promote natural, long-lasting results.
At the core of Geneviv Clinic’s allure lies its unparalleled commitment to harnessing state-of-the-art medical technology employed by Prestigious World’s Experts, Leaders of Innovation and Aesthetic Medicine Trainers, Dr. Giovanni Angiolini and Dr. Delbani Mohamad.
Dr. Giovanni Angiolini, main doctor at Geneviv Clinic, is a renowned expert, surgeon and Master in Aesthetic Antiageing Medicine, specialising in full face harmonisation & combined treatments — a comprehensive approach to facial aesthetics aimed at achieving balance, symmetry, and natural beauty across all facial features.

With years of experience and expertise in the field of cosmetic medicine, Dr. Giovanni Angiolini has earned a reputation for his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to tailor treatments to each patient’s unique facial anatomy and aesthetic goals.
His approach to full face harmonisation goes beyond isolated treatments, taking into account the interplay between various facial features such as the nose, lips, cheeks, chin, and jawline. By carefully assessing proportions, contours, and facial dynamics, Dr. Giovanni Angiolini creates for the patients of Geneviv Clinic customised treatment plans that enhance overall facial harmony while preserving the individuality and personality of each patient.

Utilising a combination of advanced techniques and Geneviv Clinic’s state-of-the-art medical devices, Dr. Giovanni Angiolini addresses concerns related to facial volume loss, asymmetry, wrinkles, and sagging skin. From injectable fillers and neuromodulators to non-surgical facial contouring and skin rejuvenation treatments, he offers a comprehensive range of options to achieve natural-looking results that stand the test of time.
Dr. Delbani Mohamad, main doctor at Geneviv Clinic, is a distinguished expert specialising in the art of body contouring — a transformative approach to aesthetic enhancement that focuses on sculpting and refining the natural contours of the body. Deemed the best in the world for Vaser Pro High definition Liposuction and with a wealth of experience and a passion for artistic precision, Dr. Delbani has earned recognition for his expertise in delivering personalised treatment solutions that accentuate his patients’ unique beauty and proportions.

As a leading authority in body contouring, Dr. Mohamad employs a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical techniques to help Geneviv Clinic’s patients to achieve their aesthetic goals.
Dr. Delbani’s philosophy centres on enhancing natural beauty while ensuring results that are harmonious, balanced, and in perfect balance with each patient’s overall appearance. By combining technical expertise with an artistic eye, he strives to create outcomes that not only meet his patients’ expectations but also exceed them, empowering them to embrace their newfound confidence and vitality.
Whether refining, sculpting body shape or restoring youthful proportions, Dr. Delbani Mohamad’s dedication body contouring reflects his unwavering commitment to helping his patients look and feel their best. With a blend of artistry, expertise, and personalised care, he strives to inspire confidence and enhance lives one contour at a time.
Geneviv Clinic’s ability to deliver unparalleled results while prioritising patient safety, comfort, time and satisfaction has rapidly established Geneviv London as a Game-Changer in the Field of Aesthetics and Medical Technology employed.
You can contact Geneviv Clinic at the below details:

Tel.: +447551555381


















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